Why Butterfly?

Why Butterfly?

I’m asked quite frequently, “How’d you get started into all this butterfly stuff anyway?” So here’s my story! I’m mom to a gorgeous and sweet 8 year old girl named Bridgita, cute and cuddly 5 year old boy named Blaise, and stepmom to a handsome and kind 20 year old young man named Bryce. Oh yeah… and a wonderful husband, Hector, whom I love dearly. We will be celebrating 13 years of marriage this May.

It all started at the soccer fields. Bryce played on a competitive select team. We drove near and far for as many games and tournaments as we could. The tournaments were especially long hours (sometimes ALL day events), and his little brother and sister were very little and had very short attention spans. Hector and I would pack an arsenal of things to keep them occupied.  We had everything including LeapFrog games, books, coloring books, and the list goes on. But what the kids really enjoyed most was going on butterfly hikes with their nets and habitats in the next to and behind the soccer fields. They would collect butterflies, ladybugs, and the occasional lizards too. This was great because they loved it and Hector and I could focus on the game! That’s when our family started a love affair with butterflies.

soccer butterflying

Now that’s how it started, but what really sealed the marriage to our butterflying interests was very special Monarch named Rosey.  We had recently bought a tiny milkweed plant that was a “leftover” from the HMNS (Houston Museum of Natural Science) plant sale in the late Fall of 2012. Honestly, I wasn’t even 100% sure it was milkweed because there wasn’t a label on it. We took it home planted it, and started researching Monarchs so that we would know what to look for. We looked at pictures of eggs, caterpillars, etc. Low and behold, Bridgita spotted an egg. I couldn’t believe it! How’d she see something so small, the size of a pen tip? She checked that egg every day and then one day said, “Mommy, mommy, the egg hatched and there’s a tiny caterpillar!” What? Really? Yes, really! Uh oh… it was the week of Christmas by this time and we were getting a “cold front” with possible freezing temps. What to do? Honey… I need you to dig up the milkweed plant and bring it inside so we can raise this caterpillar. My sweet husband obliged the request. Bridgita was invested in this little caterpillar and had even named her Rosey – and you know how that goes, once you name it, you keep it.  We documented Rosey’s every move and even had a “fan club” on Facebook that were tracking her developments and cheering her on.

We got super lucky because Rosey grew up a healthy caterpillar and emerged as a healthy beautiful Monarch Butterfly on January 28, 2013. We made a super big deal about her birthday and even threw her a birthday party. Yes you read that right –  a party for the butterfly…we were totally enamored with this butterfly! The kids invited all of their friends, we decorated, had cupcakes, and the whole shebang…It was really fun and special.

To this day, I haven’t seen a Monarch bigger than Rosey. I honestly think that it was all the special love and attention that we gave her here.

Butterflying has been a wonderful hobby for our entire family and something we are all equally interested in.  Butterflies have been a blessing for our family to say the least!

Fast forward, the last year and a half has been a fun whirlwind of butterflying learning and adventures for our family, and I’m excited to share our knowledge with you, so stay tuned for more about our butterflying journey!

Rosey Birthday


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